Hendrik Vermeulen

Hendrik VermeulenD Unknown meets with South African couturier¬†Hendrik Vermeulen.¬†D Unknown continues to cross borders and became acquainted¬†with South African¬†born couturier Hendrik Vermeulen. Hendrik Vermeulen was¬†born in Fauresmith; a¬†small town in the Free State Province. He felt drawn to fashion at the early age of six.¬†His grandmother, or ‘granny’ as he put it, had a taste for fashion. Her stunning outfits,¬†in combination with her exquisite taste for gloves and hats were his inspiration.¬†Mothers have a way of seeing into the future: still a young boy she taught him to sew.

Hendrik¬†gained¬†experience working as ‘Atelier Manager’ for internationally renowned¬†fashion designer, Gert van der Merwe. At a certain point he knew it was time to start¬†working with his own style and ideas. ¬†¬†What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a career in fashion? “Work hard, work very hard…and give¬†it your best at all times!” Where do you get your design inspiration? “From different¬†sources, but mainly from nature”. Getting to meet extraordinary people is in his¬†opinion the best “thing” which comes from being a designer. What does ‘Controlled Chaos’¬†mean to you as a designer? “Controlled Chaos is the absolute necessary ground¬†for¬†creativity”.

Hendrik describes his next big step as being the opening of his flagship in¬†the center of Cape Town and the production of his first ‘Pret a Porter’ collection; both¬†scheduled in the last quarter of 2012. His work has been featured in “One Small Seed”¬†Pop Culture Magazine, Visi Konfetti, Fair Heads and Swiss Faces Magazine. D Unknown¬†looks forward to meeting up again with Hendrik.

© Images by John Anthony Davis, Simon Deiner, Jean-Pierre Uys, Yvette Gilbert.