D Unknown strengthens and diversifies the fashion, arts and music world by emphasizing and highlighting the influences that cultures and mindsets have on fashion, arts and music, while allowing international diverse designers, artists and musicians to broadcast themselves through a creative platform. We help you discover ways to create the best leisure experience. The pleasures of life: Fashion, Arts, Music and Leisure.


D Unknown brings fashion, music and leisure together, making them inseparable. One cannot exist without the other. Fashion, arts, music and leisure are combined in a manner in which otherwise would be titled as chaotic, resulting in unpredictable and infinite interpretations. The observer’s eye is guided to be made aware of the beauty of fashion, arts, music and leisure which, if not ‘controlled’ would go unnoticed. Above all, D Unknown brings about awareness of the influences cultures have on fashion, arts, music, and leisure.

What makes us different

D Unknown combines fashion, arts, music and leisure in a way never done before. The work of designers, artists and music combine to create and display an unimaginable beauty, we explore and offer ways to create the ultimate leisure experience. We create a masterpiece: Pleasure of life – Fashion, Arts, Music and Leisure. Together they ignite achieving an artistic vibe which lingers over a long period of time.


Robert S. Greene Coordinator and Event Planner

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