Actor Amadou Ly…His Story

Amadou Ly was born in the beautiful country of Senegal. He attended University to study engineering. Being a shy young man, his friend suggested he could overcome his shyness by taking some acting classes. Amadou took his friend’s advice and changed his degree to acting.

Life wasn’t always so easy for Amadou; his mother abandoned him at age 14 to finish his American education. He was left to face a long immigration battle, but Hollywood stars and volunteer lawyers saw his potential and helped grant him his visa. He even had to turn down television shows like ‘Law and Order’ because of his status.

Amadou continued his training in New York with William Esper and on graduation moved to Hollywood. He soon took to the stage at the Actors Playpen Theatre in ‘Sex, Relationships and Sometimes Love’, and it didn’t take him long for an agent to see his potential.

Amadou graces our screens in the blockbuster ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’. Amadou plays the newest Vampire ‘Henry’, a part that was specially written into the movie by the writers. Henry is part of the duo that makes up the much-anticipated French Coven, so having French as a second language made him more prominent to producers.

His screen presence and natural gift for acting have already projected this once shy young man into the public eye.