Rodrigo Otazu

Rodrigo OtazuD Unknown was invited to take a glimpse into the past, present and future of legendary fashion designer Rodrigo Otazu. Rodrigo was born in a little town in Argentina in 1968, where as a 17 year old boy he first started to design jewelry. The quest for happiness and freedom of expression, along with his natural gift for designing jewelry led him to start his own line. His mother, a TV fashion presenter and his father, a photographer, prepared him for the tough road ahead working in the fashion industry. His advice to anyone wanting to start a career as a designer would be “be true to yourself and trust your own judgment. Believe in yourself and follow your instinct – take the punches and make it happen”.

Where do you get your design inspiration from? “A lot of my inspiration comes from my friends. They are all good people who I look up to. My mother is another source for inspiration, along with music, books and love”.

What is the best ‘thing’ which comes from being a designer? “Everything! There is nothing I don’t like about it! And I am ‘rocking the rocks’ this season. I feel I am on the top of my game”. We asked Rodrigo to tell us what ‘Controlled Chaos’ means to him as a designer. “Wonderland!!! What is good for one person may not be good for another. What is ‘tall’ to you may not be ‘tall’ to me. My desk is white. My workspace is white. I love to organize the things around me. To order my papers, beads and diamonds. I am very much in control of my space…the space doesn’t control me”.

What is the next big step for you as a designer?  “I have a lot of big things on the table right now. First, I am in the middle of launching a new brand called LRCO which is currently being modeled by American singer/songwriter Katy Perry in L’Uomo Vogue. The new brand name, LRCO comes from my initials Luis Rodrigo Correa Otazu. My signature has been used to create the logo. Next is the opening of my own chain of shops, I am very excited about that. I am also planning new collections.. LRCO will be releasing both an exclusive Diamond Collection, and what I call a ‘Working Collection’. The ‘Working Collection’ is for everyone – it’s something anyone can afford”.