An Eye On Africa

Africa is booming.

AfricaThe Economist (January 6th 2011) reported that over ten years to 2012, no fewer than six of the world’s fastest-growing economies were in sub-Saharan Africa. Already a third of the population is considered to be middle class – young and in the acquisition phase of life-creating growing markets for consumer goods and leisure activities. At the same time a blossoming manifests itself in fashion, visual arts, photography, design, literature, film, theatre and music. Festivals and events like Cape Town Jazz Festival, Panafest Festival, Lagos Photo, Kwani Litfest and events such as the South African Fashion Week are convincing evidence of a creative, free expression and critical thinking. These events represent the artistic vide of many African cities and creative hubs around them. This is attracting a growing interest from audiences from in- and outside Africa.

D Unknown – ‘Controlled Chaos’ International Fashion & Arts Events

The work of designers and artists combine to create and display an unimaginable beauty. Their creation each a masterpiece. Together they ignite achieving an artistic vibe which lingers on over a long period of time. D Unknown combines the work of the designers and artists which manifest and explodes in what we define as ‘Controlled Chaos’. The result hence being unpredictable, unique and breathtaking. Designers and artists are inspired and encouraged to move out of their comfort zone and be overly creative. D Unknown brings fashion and arts together, making them inseparable. One cannot exist without the other. The observer’s eye is guided to be made aware of the beauty of fashion and arts which, if not controlled would go unnoticed. Click here and to let us know if you would like to receive information about our Fashion & Arts Events.