At MyBeautyCompare Beauty Is Personalized. It Is The World’s First Personalized Beauty e-Commerce Platform

LONDON, December 2, 2013

At MyBeautyCompare beauty is personalized. It is the world’s first personalized beauty e-commerce platform in the world. MyBeautyCompare was founded by Nidhima Kohli to enable women to find the best makeup and skin care products to suit their skin type through unbiased recommendations. The new website allows users to discover and compare beauty product prices for over 200,000 popular makeup, skin care, body, hair and fragrance products and brands to enable women to find the right products for them.

At MyBeautyCompare Beauty is Personalized. It is the World's First Personalized Beauty e-Commerce Platform in the World

Nidhima commented, “Women are becoming overwhelmed and confused by the amount of information that’s available online and through the media and as a result find themselves frustrated buying the wrong beauty products and having drawers full of them. Our aim is to offer women unbiased and personalized recommendations so that they can make informed choices”.

Women are becoming overwhelmed and confused by the amount of information that’s available online

One of the website’s unique selling points is their ‘Personalize Your Beauty’ section.  The ‘Personalize Your Beauty’ section enables users to fill in a short questionnaire about their skin type, eye colour, hair colour, diet and more.

MyBeautyCompare uses the customer’s unique characteristics to provide free instant ‘beauty product matches’ from over 1500 brands enabling women to discover the right beauty products for them.

The range of beauty product matches will be derived from MyBeautyCompare’s personalized search engine based on recommendations from over 1000s of women who share the same beauty profile.

MyBeautyCompare is personalized, sociable and takes the guessing out of a woman’s shopping experience to enhance the enjoyment of buying beauty products.

Once the user has found their desired product they are then able to purchase it by clicking on the “buy” button from the price comparison platform, they will then be transferred to the relevant shop’s website.

The website will also feature a ‘Meet the Experts’ section offering industry expert tips from beauty professionals and celebrities. Users will also find impartial skin care and beauty product reviews and ‘lipstick’ ratings to help them make their choices. The website also contains a skincare forum where members are able to discuss products and beauty dilemmas in more detail and share advice and tips.

MyBeautyCompare aims to ‘revolutionalize the way women shop for beauty forever,’ by providing unbiased advice and personalized beauty and skin care recommendations to help women ‘discover the best beauty products to use.’

Visit the website to experience the innovative new way of shopping for beauty products or watch the video online now to see exactly how MyBeautyCompare works.