Aart Van Asseldonk, Designer

Aart van Asseldonk
Aart van Asseldonk

I am in love with the engineering design of the early industrial age. The invention of the steam machine brought a complete new way of designing along with it. Machines had to be durable, made of high quality and had to do a good job. It did not matter if they used dozens of tons of steel. The engineers of that time chose function above appearance and used pure materials such as wood and steel. They did their job from A to Z, both in function and aesthetics.The search for functionality is more important then appearance to me, but that does not mean that the form follows function.

My vision is inspired by details

My vision is inspired by details that find their origins in the time of the Industrial Revolution: stacked geometrical shapes and direct connections. I have studied this extensively, to ultimately achieve a powerful form language that constitutes the main signature of the studio. My non-tinkered, unique approach of designing makes me the craftsman that I am today.

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