Shopping By Paris 2014: Good Deals From The Paris Convention And Visitors Bureau!

PARIS, November 29, 2013

Paris welcomes 29 million visitors each year. The fashion and shopping capital, Paris has 61,232 shops Рincluding 8,500 devoted to clothing and accessories. Its department stores, iconic luxury brands and world-renowned shopping districts make Paris a fabulous place to shop all year round.

Shopping by Paris 2014: Good Deals from the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau!

In 2013, the ‘Shopping by Paris’ event will enhance the magic of the festive season with a ‘good deals’ card offered by the PCVB and Premier Tax Free: the¬†Paris City Passport Shopping¬†. Throughout the month of December, visitors can pick up this special card at any of the¬†Bureau’s information points. The card is non-transferable, and valid for three days. It allows the holder to obtain a 10% reduction in 273 well-known Paris stores: a great way to enjoy cut-price Christmas shopping!

The¬†Paris Shopping Book¬†is the perfect guide to shopping in¬†Paris. Compiled by the PCVB for visitors and Parisians, this bilingual French-English paperback with a print run of 85,000 copies has a handpicked selection of great shops, cultural venues and places to eat, organized into six itineraries to suit different shopping profiles – Select, Trendy, Creative, Boho-Chic, Ethic-Ethnic and Savvy. From¬†2 January 2014onwards, you can download the¬†Paris¬†¬†Shopping Book¬†¬†2014¬†from the website¬†, or stop by one of the Bureau’s tourist information points to pick up a free copy.

In December, Internet users will find a comprehensive file and a video on all the year-end events on the home page of the website The Bureau has also invited French and international bloggers to share their Paris shopping experience and tips via the Facebook page¬†Paris¬†je t’aime¬†and the Twitter handle¬†@parisotc.

January will mark the start of a shopping bonanza in ‘Paris, the shopping and fashion capital’ – a top shopping destination all year round!

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Organized by the¬†Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau¬†with the support of the¬†CCI Paris,¬†the City of Parisand¬†ATOUT France,¬†the ‘Shopping by Paris‘¬†event turns Paris into a shopper’s paradise each year. The objective: encouraging French and international visitors to discover the charms of the shopping and fashion capital.