Decadent, Glorious Beauty Secrets From Empire — The Cut

What makes Empire so glorious? A combination of completely unrealistic family drama (a secret love child!), totally bizarre plotlines (blow-job bibs!), and, of course, Cookie’s bad-bitch outfits. But in the beauty department, too, there are standout moments. Cookie knows how to accessorize a tight eyeliner with a mean brow arch. And, as the show’s Mrs. Robinson, Naomi Campbell wears bangs — the kind of bangs you show your stylist before demanding a chop. Terrence Howard also brings strong hair game, transitioning from a high-maintenance blowout to a neat dad haircut. The Cut spoke with Melissa Forney, Empire’s lead hairstylist, and Beverly Jo Pryor, the show’s chief makeup artist, about how they create the hair and makeup looks on the show. And, fittingly, the beauty routines are just as over-the-top as the characters. From Cookie’s ultraluxe skin-care treatments to Terrence Howard’s hot towels, read on for a behind-the-scenes look at Empire beauty.

via Decadent, Glorious Beauty Secrets From Empire — The Cut.