World Championships of Medieval combat in Denmark

The 2017 World Championships in medieval combat will be held in Jutland, Denmark, from the 25th-28th of May as a part of the line-up for European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017. The thrilling battles will be accompanied by a large market with entertainment and gourmet food from the Middle Ages.

 500 fighters from 28 different countries do battle with one another, across a Aarhus2017series of disciplines, ranging from man-on-man contests to large skirmishes, where teams of 16 people fight with swords, axes, clubs and warhammers. This is the setting when The International Medieval Combat Federation takes to the stage at Spøttrup, Denmark’s best preserved Medieval castle, for four days in May.

Whilst the championships take place, the parkland around Spøttrup Castle will be converted into a Medieval market, selling everything from chain mail to mead. At the castle one can experience the entertainment up close while discovering some Medieval gourmet as a real warrior, to the sounds of wild battle cries and metal on metal.

Read more at: www.muserum.org/kom-og-besog-os/spottrup-middelalderborg/bispens-marked/program/

Facts about Medieval combat

  • Medieval combat is a relatively new fighting sport with full contact. It has its origins in a historical interest for the Middle Ages.
  • The tournaments were originally held to display the fighter’s skills, and in Medieval France the discipline was known as “buhurt”, where the fighters could train their skills

before they took to the battlefield.

  • All the disciplines in the sport are based on genuine Medieval battle techniques and warfare.
  • Participants are clad in historically accurate armour, and they use only Medieval weaponry in the different categories.
  • The rules for the team-battles are fairly simple, as a fighter is judged ‘out’, when they touch the ground with three points – the view is taken that they were off balance and would have been killed, if sharp weapons were being used as in a real Medieval battle.
  • In the duels, points are fought over with different types of weapons, with the aim being to strike your opponent’s body or head. Clashes against their shield and weapon will not count as a point.