Extensive line up for World Design Event 2017

How are we to face the world’s challenges and live together now and in the future? This will be the main focus of the World Design Event (WDE) programme during Dutch Design Week (DDW). The complete line up for the WDE includes over 200 events, i.e. exhibitions, workshops, lectures, talks, performances, serious games, award shows and international conferences. The full programme is available now on the website: www.worlddesignevent.org/programme.

DDWPeople make the city. WDE provides a platform for future makers, designers and thinkers to share ideas about the future of the city with the people of the city. WDE features an international design conference, seven creative and themed embassies, a temporary People’s Pavilion built with residents, and two lab squares around the city, all featuring content devoted to the themes of Food, Health, Urban Transformation, Data, Climate Action, Intimacy and Robot Love.

DDW and Design Indaba put global design talent on a new stage. Together with WDE, they scanned the globe for the best design graduates. At Antenna, on Friday October 20, there will be a presentation of the work by 20 graduates from the world’s top design schools, including Parsons School of Design, ECAL, RCA, School of Form, University of Applied Arts Vienna, 慶應義塾, RISD, University of Johannesburg, The Island Academy of the Arts, Carleton University, Central St. Martins School of Art, KU Leuven, Umeå University and Design Academy Eindhoven. We hope you can attend what promises to be an inspiring afternoon.
Location: Klokgebouw
Partners: Design Indaba, Dutch Design Week
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People’s Pavilion
People’s Pavilion is a temporary structure designed by Overtreders W and Bureau SLA. It is 100% circular, all its materials are borrowed: concrete and wooden beams, facade elements, the glass roof, recycled plastic cladding from household waste. The structure was built without using screws, glue, drills or saws. Everything will be returned to the owners after DDW. The People’s Pavilion will also be the beating heart of WDE, a stage on which to question the world and share perspectives on how we can shape our future together. By and for the people, it features a full programme of meetings, talks, debates, gatherings, workshops and lectures to inspire and exchange and offers ample opportunities for participating through sharing ideas or asking questions.
Location: Ketelhuisplein
Partners: Dutch Design Foundation, Urban Mining Collective, Arup, Sint Trudo, BankGiro Loterij Fonds

WDE Talks
Good design for a bad world is a series of talks by DDW ambassador Marcus Fairs, founder and editor-in-chief of Dezeen. ‘Can design tackle the really big problems facing the world? Or is design helping to cause these problems?’ Dezeen, WDE and DDW join forces to explore the ways that designers are trying to make a difference to politics, terrorism, refugees, climate change and pollution.
Location: People’s Pavilion
Partner: Dezeen
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Age of Wonderland 2017 presents 100 DAYS OF LEARNING, a global learning event for the exchange of valuable life experiences with peers. Doers and thinkers from around the world are invited to share their personal stories, ideas, and practice, not to be found in textbooks. The aim is to rediscover knowledge, challenge beliefs, and exchange life lessons with others. During WDE, the knowledge and experiences that are gathered are to be shared in daily talk shows in the People’s Pavilion and Baltan Laboratories (Natlab).
Location: People’s Pavilion, Baltan Laboratories (Natlab), other locations in Eindhoven
Partners: Hivos, Baltan Laboratories, Dutch Design Foundation, The Art of Impact, Design Academy Eindhoven, Creative Tracks, Creative Europe Programme of the European Union
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Embassy of Climate Action
What Design Can Do (WDCD), the international platform for the social impact of design, hosts the Embassy of Climate Action. Focusing on what design can do to help people cope with the impact of climate change. A lively interactive exhibition invites visitors to explore and engage with the most urgent issue of our time – and to come up with brilliant climate action ideas of their own.
Location: Klokgebouw
Partners: Antalis, Arjo Wiggins, Autodesk Foundation, IKEA Foundation

Embassy of Data
The Embassy of Data is a collaboration between Het Nieuwe Instituut and the City of Eindhoven. In and around the Embassy, focusing on raising awareness about the possibilities and opportunities that data presents, but also the dangers and inadequacies. What data are being collected? What kind of data will be stored, where, and for how long? Who is in charge? An exhibition, a varied programme of workshops and serious games, and an international conference introduce visitors to the questions concerning data and its often invisible impact on our everyday lives.
Location: former V&D
Partners: Datastudio, Het Nieuwe Instituut

Embassy of Food
How do we want to cultivate, process, transport and eat our food in the future? How do we deal with scarce resources, animal welfare, food waste, and the influence of technology? These are all questions that are addressed and discussed in The Embassy of Food. With over twenty international designers involved with the exhibition The Future of Food, Looking Back to Now, and an extensive program of talk shows and work sessions this Embassy is a meeting place for farmers, producers, policymakers, scientists and consumers. The Embassy of Food is curated by designer Marije Vogelzang.
Location: Ketelhuisplein
Partners: FoodHeroes, FoodUp Brabant, Ministry of Economic Affairs, ZLTO, Agri Meets Design, Interreg

Embassy of Health
Health is important to everyone and our overall life expectancy is increasing. People can take charge of managing their own illnesses and health thanks to technological advancements. The exhibition ‘Chronic health: Designing a healthy future’ shows what to expect from design and health, from ‘open’ design and Do It Together care applications to high-end medical technology and creative prototypes. Will we live according to the ‘Blue Zones’ lessons, and strive to become one hundred years old or more? Can we overcome our fear of death through Virtual Reality technology?
Location: Innovation PowerHouse
Partners: VanBerlo, Waag Society, Philips, U Create, Máxima Medisch Centrum

Embassy of Intimacy
The Embassy of Intimacy brings together three spheres of influence: the Intimacy of Bodies, the Intimacy of Things, and the Intimacy of Spaces and the areas in which they overlap. The Embassy questions new intimate connections and searches for an idiom to help design this shapeless but essential state of being. Intimacy in daily life: when do we blush or shout in public? When do we pay attention, enjoy or cry for all to see? Can we still be intimate with ourselves and with others while the world looks on? And if so: what does this intimacy look like?
Location: Strijp-S
Partner: MU

Embassy of Robot Love
The Embassy of Robot Love explores what love brings us in the context of Artificial Intelligence. Man and machine have gone hand in hand for thousands of years. Technology continually offers ways to simplify life by delegating essential work to improve our chances of survival. But by designing a new environment it also changes people. Robotic technology challenges us to think about who we are. Can we learn from robots about love? How can we create the perfect environment where robots feel safe and loved? How close can we come and how far can we go?
Location: former V&D
Partners: Mondriaan Fund, Creative Industries Fund NL, Cultuur Eindhoven, Brainport Eindhoven, FNV, TU Delft, TU/e, University of Twente, Summa Zorg, InMoov

Embassy of Urban Transformation
The Embassy of Urban Transformation focuses on ideas about the cities of the future. How many square metres and how much oxygen will a person need? Can cities be national nature parks? Will students, the elderly and families soon be willing neighbours? In several exhibitions and events, the Embassy explores how designers, students, revolutionary thinkers and architects respond to these questions. It’s our/your world: what will your neighbourhood of the future look like?
Location: TAC
Partners: TAC, Municipality of Eindhoven, Province of Noord-Brabant, Atelier Rijksbouwmeester, Who Cares, Creative Industries Fund NL

Lab square Light: Switch
No life without light. It is common knowledge that Eindhoven has a special connection with light. Switch is the link between the past, present and future. It is a platform for direct innovation, with light as connecting theme. It explores how we can improve our quality of life, based on Eindhoven’s power: technology, design and knowledge.
Location: Stadhuisplein
Partner: Municipality of Eindhoven

Lab square Strijp-X
Technology that has now been developed can define the standard for the future. At Lab square Strijp-X (visitors can volunteer test subjects and have their happiness, energy, movement & sound tested.
Location: Videolab, Strijp-S
Partners: TU/e, VolkerWessels, Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, iCity, Strijp-S

World Design Event
20 to 29 October 2017
Various locations around Eindhoven (NL)
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