The 10 Emotional Stages Of New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week — the week of all weeks for anyone involved in fashion — has come to an end.

by Andrei Iacob
by Andrei Iacob

With a week this long and intense, you tend to go from sheer happiness to total frustration in a matter of seconds, and don’t even get us started about the amount of sleep we lost. So take our hand, hold on tight and let us walk you through the ten definitive emotional stages of Fashion Week.

The Day Before: Nervous You’ve been planning for this week for over a month now. The anticipation is killing you. What will the designs be like? What will the fashion week drama be? WHAT DO YOU WEAR?!

 DAY 1: Excited The big day is here! You have the perfect outfit on (it only took you two hours to pick it out), your iPhone is charged (and you packed your charger) and you can’t wait to see all your fellow blogger friends (and what they’re wearing).

DAY 2: Inspired So many designers with so many gorgeous and amazing creations! You have so many beauty tutorials you want to learn and so many trends you want to try. So many ideas!

DAY 3: Proud Who has snapped all the best runway shots? You. Who has interviewed the best designers? You. Who shoved her way through the mass of street style photographers to get the best shot of those crazy shoes? YES, YOU! You are unstoppable.

DAY 4: Giddy It’s been three days of this, but you still get butterflies. Seeing Anna Wintour and Carine Roitfeld on a daily basis will do that to a girl, you know.

DAY 5: Frustrated So… you’re trying, you really are. But you’re running out of outfits to wear, you can’t find an outlet to charge your iPhone at the third Starbucks you dashed into and some girl stepped on your poor stiletto-bound toe as she beat you to that street style shot. Well, guess what? There are three more days left

DAY 6: Pained (Physically) You woke up this morning and your feet were numb. Your body is even sore. You could care less if you get stopped by a photographer on the street today or not, you’re wearing dreaded sneakers today. Hey,flats are in for next spring, right?

DAY 7: Hungry All day you’ve been running around the entire city. You get backstage at a show and you see an amazing food spread. You reach for a cookie. Just as you are about to taste its sweetness, someone yells at you that the food is only for the models. You curse the fashion gods, and end up eating the first thing you see in the Duane Reade next door, which happens to be a candy bar. As one of our editors put it: “I ate a brownie this week, and I don’t even like chocolate.”

DAY 8: Delirious Your eyes are in a glaze from scrolling through countless images of collections online, and your hand is shaking because you’ve been hashtagging #NYFW on too many tweets and Instagram posts. You think you see Elle Fanning backstage. A short burst of ambition returns to you and you hurriedly rush up to her to ask her some questions. Fanning looks at you perplexed. You realize it’s not Fanning at all, but just another tired blogger. Time for you to go home.

The Day After: Exhausted… You naturally wake up early thinking that you have to attend a show at nine. But no — Fashion Week is over, remember? You fall back to sleep drifting in and out of dreams of unattainable Spring 2014 clothes you will never even get to touch in real life…

…But Grateful Even though the process is tiring, painful and stressful… you can’t stop thinking about the gift bags, the heels, the clothes, the people and the shows. Everything. You’re truly lucky to be a part of all this. But… you need a drinkright now.

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