Dutch Design Awards 2013

EINDHOVEN, 10 September 2013 – Gispen office furnishers, construction company Heijmans and the Rotterdam Eye Hospital are the finalists for the Best Client Award 2013. This was announced today by the selection committee of the Dutch Design Awards. This special prize is awarded for good clientship, with a strong focus on the value and consistency of the relationship between the designer and the business sector. The winner will be announced on October 19 during the Dutch Design Awards ceremony in Eindhoven. In previous years, this award went to Suzanne Oxenaar and Otto Nan (Hotel The Exchange, 2012), Ahrend (2011), Royal VKB (2010), citizenM (2009), and Nlisis (2008).



An independent committee of managers and professionals from the field of action, consisting of Antoine Achten (De Kemp Rdam), Pieter Aarts (Tam Tam), Rita van Hattum (BNO) and Renee Wever (TU Delft), has appointed three candidates from all entries of this year. The selection criteria for assessment cover the entire professional collaboration process between designer and client. The committee scrutinises for instance the way in which a suitable bureau is selected and briefed, the available space for creativity, the positioning of design in the company, the linking of design to strategic goals, and the ultimate security of the results in the organisation.


The committee justifies its decision as follows:

Through collaboration with Dutch designers, Gispen has successfully translated its classic image into a contemporary look. Especially the carefully established combinations between the product to be developed and the most suitable designer are highly appreciated.

Heijmans shows a clear vision of the future and involves experts from different (design) disciplines at an early stage in the innovation and development of projects. Especially in the construction industry this innovative approach deserves more attention.

The Rotterdam Eye Hospital

In the organisation of the Rotterdam Eye Hospital, design is an intrinsic quality made visible through the intensive cooperation with various creative disciplines. The effort to make the patients’ and visitors’ experience the primary consideration is noticeable across all levels.

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Dutch Design Awards (DDA) are internationally renowned prizes awarded to the very best in the field of Dutch Design. Together, the award ceremony, the exhibition during Dutch Design Week featuring the work of all finalists, and the publication of the ‘Dutch Design Yearbook’ in collaboration with nai010 Publishers, form a platform for Dutch design across its full width.

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