Designer Christopher Chaun Bennett On His Beginning, Pride, And The Future

Christopher Chaun Bennett, the first question which comes to mind is “why bow ties?” I’ve answered this question many times, but not quite like this. It was simply the message from God. I was working in so many areas with my creativity and artistic nature, but this thing I made for myself (my 2nd entirely handmade bow tie) got a response that was crystal clear to me in the moment. It was what I was supposed to do, at least as a start. I understood that on the corner of Broadway and Prince Street in Soho where I met my first client who made a scene no one could ignore

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got to where you are now. I’ve been a dreamer for the duration of my life, but when I became more of a doer, my reality began to change. Stepping out on faith in so many instances, which in retrospect seems crazy, yet makes sense, led me to this place of higher freedom. You must believe in something with every drop of your being and live by it. I was born a creative and so shall I die. It is that attitude, the attitude that I will live as what I am that has created a daily operation of living from within. I believed my way here. Anyone who has a dream in their heart that they truly honour can and will do the same.

Christopher Chaun Bennett
Christopher Chaun Bennett

Can you mention two or three of your proudest moments and why you picked the ones you’ve picked? Oh boy! Proudest moments? I can’t comfortably say that I can select proudest moments. I’m very timid in the area of pride; I give my glory to God for my accomplishments. My proud moments are probably simpler in comparison to what others may think. I feel proud when I finish a creative work, a free-hand bow tie design, a sketch I like (I’m getting better), of a few tasks for the day that required some additional effort.

I believe these moments of pride are those that keep happiness within reach, they keep happiness genuine, untainted emotion and allow you to maintain a healthy level of true joy and accomplishment – this is good for me since most of what I set out to do requires an army anyhow.

I actually assembled my first industrial sewing machine and table the other day. Those things come with little to no instructions, but I completed that task. I was proud then!

Where do you get your design inspiration? I’m a dreamer, so I’m a sponge. My inspiration is a collection of experiences my senses have stored over time. An inspiration may come from as far back as toddler memories, be of a person I love, or simply humour I translate with mask. It’s a scattered realm to enter at surface level, but I do love details in general; the classic culture of many lands, architecture, geography, children books, fairy-tales, history, and so much more. I’m truly inspired by the experience of existence in flesh form. Having the opportunity to explore is invigorating enough to find inspiration from nearly anything – like a door knob.

How has your upbringing prepared you for working in the fashion industry? Well, I must say growing up in an inner-city neighbourhood had its unique flair in terms of luxury and self-expression. I always knew what I wanted to wear, what I wanted my image to be like from the 2nd grade on. Older siblings leave a mark on you as well, creating a stronger seasoning with style and trend within you before you’re of age to enter that world – mine did. My mother has a style that can be very exuberant at times and my dad is a quality guy. Together, my parents live by order, with detail; they are organized and streamlined in many ways. I’m from a buttoned up city (Boston), yet raised with a vibrant culture (Central America), so that mixed with my early exposure to luxury, working in sales for 5 years between Ralph Lauren and Valentino by 21, definitely did something to me. I dove, in a headfirst bliss because a switch was activated once I had the experience of luxury goods.

What is the next ‘big’ step? That I have planned for myself? I will be translating the lifestyle of the Christopher Chaun Bennett brand, with heightened experiences (i.e. a new website and upcoming events). My clients live it and have found a close relationship with the products we offer, yet the lifestyle has not been visualized for them outside of the products themselves. Now, there will be images, campaigns, film work; a more detailed environment and more celebration. It will get a whole lot better. But that’s my own big step. I am sure God has a better one for me. He always does – he’s my eternal Trump card.

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Christopher Chaun Bennett