Introducing Jamaican born Fashion Designer Carmichael Byfield

D Unknown interviews fashion designer, Carmicheal Byfield

D Unknown had the pleasure of meeting up with Jamaican born fashion designer Carmicheal Byfield,and gained a few insights into what being a successful designer means to him. We were quite curious to know where Carmicheal gets his inspiration. As he himself puts it, he knew at a very young age that he was destined to become a fashion designer. His passion and interest in fashion can be traced back to when he was only five years old. “At the tender age of five, I would play with my younger sister’s dolls and would make clothes for the dolls”. His will to succeed as a designer is rooted in the words he remembers hearing his parents say: “Only the strong survive”. What piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a career in fashion? “I would advise anyone to put your mind to it and the glory will come after”.

 When top designers such as Moschino, Versace and Donna Karen were ripping the catwalk with their stunning designs, I dreamt of doing the same

These designers and their work have been his inspiration. What is the best thing which comes from being a designer? Carmicheal’s openness and straightforwardness is reflected by his answer. “Seeing my many creations in magazines, seeing clients loving and wearing my designs, and others wondering who designed them”.  Our interview ended with this burning question. What does ‘Controlled Chaos’ mean to you as a designer? “Designing a piece and not liking it, yet seeing others love it. That is for me ‘Controlled Chaos’.

Images by Jose da Silva