Maki & Mpho

Maki and Mpho African Inspired Prints and Patterns

Maki & Mpho – Globally made, African-inspired prints and patterns for interior and fashion.

Maki & Mpho
Maki & Mpho

Design company Maki & Mpho. We hope to nurture empathy across cultures and celebrate individuality around the world. The company is co-founded by Japan-born global entrepreneur, Maki, and US-born hybrid African textile designer, Mpho (pronounced as “mmPOH”). We bring surprises, new perspectives, and joy to the global audience using distinctive prints and patterns that are originally hand-drawn by Mpho.

Maki & Mpho recently launched and showcased a collection of textiles that are produced in collaboration with a Japanese textile manufacturer with 200-year old tradition craftsmanship at Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam. The company continues to promote African design globally by developing a range of lifestyle products and collaborating with other businesses to develop unique interior spaces.

Instagram: @makiandmpho