Interview with New York Fashion Designer Latisha Daring

Latisha Daring was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Ever since she was a little girl she was drawn to fashion. Watching runway shows was her favorite past time. After a long career in Retail and a decade of buying for her store she realized that there was something missing in the market place. For years she studied trend, consumption, craftsmanship and construction of garments.

When did you decide to take the step to become a designer? “In 2009 I decided to add my point of view to the contemporary market with the launch of Ashtyn.”

What role has your upbringing played in you becoming a fashion designer? “I grew up in a single parent household as an only child. My mom exposed me to the arts at a young age and, I knew that I wanted to express myself creatively. Fashion was the best outlet for me.” Latisha started working in Retail at a very young age and put herself through college. “Nothing was handed to me and I worked so hard never giving up on my dream. Going through the experience of not having much, fueled my passion to go above and beyond to succeed.” Latisha’s advice to someone wanting to start a career in fashion is to “follow your dream, stay hungry, and never lose sight of your goal”.

How do you encourage other talented designers of color to get noticed? “I encourage them to get out there by creating and building relationships with people who would be their customers, or fans or their work. Develop a presence through social media so that your brand is visible nationally and internationally. Take advantage of opportunities that would expose the brand and build your audience. Never pass on an opportunity for exposure such as networking, blogging, and sharing or even styling your friends or celebrities. Bring your ideas to life and show off your talents every chance that you get.”

What does ‘Controlled Chaos’ mean to you as a designer?  “Controled Chaos means having a clear vision of what you want to accomplish, but having no idea how and when you are going to get there. The only part I can control is having no idea how and when you are going to get there. The only part I can control is having enough faith to know that I am not the one in control. For me it is about living out God’s plan and never questioning it, balancing my responsibilities as a mom and a wife, and still pursuing my dreams as a designer.”

What is the next big step for you as a designer?  The next step for me as a designer is to build Ashtyn into a global brand. I hope to open stores internationally in London, Paris and South Africa. My overall goal is to build my company to serve as an incubator for your ambitious people in these countries who are hungry for opportunity and have a point of view that will help Ashtyn to grow and remain relevant in the Global marketplace.

D Unknown wishes Latisha lots of luck during the 5th Annual Harlem’s Fashion Row New York Fashion Week show.