A meetup with the creators of K脿m贸ndi

D Unknown had the pleasure of meeting up with the creators of K脿m贸ndi. Kamondi literally means “a mix of so many things going on” and comes from聽madi ti, a native language spoken in Ma’di, north of Ugana. K脿m贸ndi mixes African influences together with other influences such as street fashion, men’s fashion, western fashion and use a range of fabrics. Emma Mohamed and Sonia Ygo were born in Kampala, Uganda聽the pearl of Africa聽and raised in the United Kingdom.聽What drew you to starting your own line?聽“It was actually accidental. While on holiday in Uganda back in 2006, we were given traditional African fabrics as gifts. We did not want to make the usual typical dress, like everyone else. We asked a tailor to make us fitted shirts using the soft cotton. Men and women gave compliments on the shirts and asked where we got them. This got us thinking and sparked the idea to design and launch our ‘Purple Reign’ collection in 2011”.聽Where do you get your design inspiration?聽“Inspiration is drawn from the traditional features on men’s tailoring. We have a love affair with men’s fashion and in particular suiting. We want our designs to elicit a softer and sexier take on the androgynous look”.聽What is the bes ‘thing’ which comes from being a designer?聽“There are two best things. When wearing pieces from our range and someone pays a nice compliment and asks where they can buy that particular item and when someone buys our clothing. It is great to know that someone out there will be wearing K脿m贸ndi design”. Tell us what ‘Controlled Chaos’ means to K脿m贸ndi.聽“Two words: Organized mess. Things could be in utter disorder but you somehow have full control of each and everything. As a designer running my label, things are often a ‘controlled chaos’ – but I somehow get through. Don’t ask how, because I sometimes wonder too”. Emma and Sonia are currently working on their Autumn/Winter 2013 collection. The collection is expected to be different from what they have done so far. K脿m贸ndi can be found at Sapelle and ASOS. D Unknown is looking forward to what K脿m贸ndi has in store for 2013.

Images by John Marxis, Michael Smith & Abiodun Olarewaju