DDA14: Competition DDA now open

As from today, Dutch designers can again enter the competition of Dutch Design Awards: the prestigious awards that annually show and reward the very best Dutch design. Designs can be registered in the categories of Product, Communication, Habitat, Fashion, Design Research and Service & Systems. For up-and-coming talent, there is the Young Designer Award; good clientship will be honoured with the Best Client Award. The decisive factor in judging is the extent to which the design is innovative and/or is a relevant contribution to society. The overall winner will therefore receive the Now Future Award: the jury award for the most promising design for the future. In June, the shortlist of 31 finalists will be announced. During Dutch Design Week, on October 18, 2014, the winners will enter the stage. Registering for the twelfth edition of DDA is possible until April 28 through dutchdesignawards.nl/aanmelden.



A total of 11 prizes will be awarded, distributed among various design disciplines. The categories are:

  • Product
  • Communication
  • Habitat
  • Fashion
  • Service & Systems
  • Design Research
  • Young Designer
  • Best Client
  • BNO Piet Zwart (biennial)
  • Public Award
  • Now Future Award (jury award)

The Now Future Award (formerly the Golden Eye) is the prize for the most promising design for the future; the international jury awards it to the overall DDA winner. In 2013, this award went to fashion designer Iris van Herpen for her collection Voltage.

Until April 28 designers and design bureaus can submit work created in the period between May 1, 2013 and May 1, 2014. Register on the website: www.dutchdesignawards.nl/aanmelden.


DDA appoints selection committees composed of independent design experts who will both nominate candidates and evaluate entries. They will meet in June to determine the finalists of 2014. In October, on the eve of Dutch Design Week, an international jury decides who the winners are.

The decisive factor in judging is the extent to which the design is innovative and/or is a relevant contribution to society. In order to determine this, the selection committees and the international jury apply five criteria: impact, innovative character, aesthetics, and the production process of the design. The fifth and final criterion concerns interdisciplinary collaborations.

For more information on the selection committees and the categories, see: www.dutchdesignawards.nl


Dutch Design Awards (DDA) are the internationally renowned prizes awarded to the very best in the field of Dutch design. The award ceremony, the retrospective exhibition, and the publication of the Dutch Design Yearbook (in collaboration with nai010 Publishers) together provide a platform for Dutch design across its full spectrum. DDA cooperates closely with Dutch Design Week (DDW) and is held during this Eindhoven-based design festival.


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