London Collections Men June 2016 Opens

London Collections Men
London Collections Men

Today marked the official opening of London Collections Men which continues to showcase the very best creative and design talent from around the world through a packed schedule of shows, presentations, installations, dinners and parties from Friday 10th – Monday 13th June 2016.

This morning’s LCM opening event, held at the new sole hub venue of 180 Strand, the British Fashion Council (BFC) announced new Value of Fashion report updates as follows:

-The UK fashion industry directly contributed £28 billion to the UK economy in 2015, an increase from £26 billion (Value of Fashion Oxford Economics 2016)
– 880,000 people are employed by the fashion industry in roles varying from manufacturing to retail, growing from 790,000 in 2013 (Value of Fashion Oxford Economics 2016)
– The men’s clothing market grew by 4.1% in 2015 to reach £14.1billion (up from £13.5billion in 2014). This is compared to 3.7% growth in womenswear – menswear now accounts for 25% of the total clothing market (Mintel’s British Lifestyles 2016)

Ed Vaizey, Culture Minister said: ‘The creative industries are one of the UK’s greatest success stories, contributing almost £9 million per hour to our economy. UK fashion plays a key role in that success, with the unique spirit and energy of the industry capturing the attention of the world. From high street to haute couture, our thriving fashion industry continues to make its mark.’ 

The Value of Fashion Report is commissioned by the BFC defining the industry and analyses the true breadth and economic value of the UK fashion industry. Originally published in 2009 and updated in 2013, the 2016 report highlights the sectors continued growth.

LCM Chairman Dylan Jones commented: ‘London continues to confirm its place as the home of menswear, a hub of creativity showing the very best designers to a global audience. The menswear market showing in London incorporates not only internationally acclaimed brands but also luxury tailoring and emerging talent. This array of designers makes London one of the most exciting fashion cities in the world.’ 

As the home of menswear, the BFC celebrates the start of LCM June 2016 with a group image including designers Aitor Throup, Andreas Kronthaler, Bobby Abley, Charles Jeffrey, Christopher Kane, Cottweiler, Craig Green, Grace Wales Bonner, Liam Hodges, Oliver Spencer, Paul Smith and Vivienne Westwood. The image also includes LCM Chairman Dylan Jones and Samuel L Jackson who presents his One for the Boys Charity Ball on Sunday evening. The image was shot by renowned fashion photographer Meinke Klein at the Amazon Fashion EU Photography Studio, London.

Aitor Throup, who is showing for the first time since LCM June 2012 said: ‘Ever since I started presenting in London almost ten years ago, I always said that I would never do a catwalk unless I could do something truly special. I’m finally ready to return to LCM after three and a half years. This collection, and the show itself are basically a self-portrait. As an artist I have always been a story teller and have decided to start telling my own story.’ 

Bobby Abley, who shows on Friday commented: ‘London is the best city at embracing change, with so much history it’s really good at approaching the future while respecting its rich heritage. I think this is evident with the creative work that comes out of the city.’ 

Charles Jeffrey, showing as part of the MAN show said: ‘London’s the home of character; the heartland of eccentricity and independence. London gave the world Jonny Rotten, Oscar Wilde, Quentin Crisp, Freddie Mercury… In terms of style, it has nothing to prove but keeps on proving itself regardless. It’s the most interesting place in the world.’

Matthew Dainty and Ben Cottrell from Cottweiler, who are showing again as part of NEWGEN MEN supported by Topman said: ‘Our friends and collaborators are in London and our own social scene here helps us keep our work relevant. Most of our designer friends don’t necessarily work in fashion but they are talented musicians, video artists and designers in other fields. Our inspiration never comes directly from fashion, being exposed to other creative forms has been a big influence on our work.’ 

Craig Green, winner of this year’s BFC/ GQ Designer Menswear Fund supported by Vertu commented: ‘I’ve spent almost all of my life in London, I was born here. This city is a huge part of who I am and will always inspire me. The diverse energy, the forward thinking nature of it is unparalleled.’ 

Grace Wales Bonner, who presents her first standalone show this June said: ‘I grew up in London, so I am proud to be able to present here. London feels like the natural place to explore the space between tradition and modernity.’ 

Liam Hodges, who presents his collection in the BFC show space on Monday afternoon said: ‘London is the best place for menswear at the moment. The sheer diversity, from the heritage of Savile Row to NEWGEN MEN and Fashion East, you go from the beginnings of modern menswear through to the future being alongside and supporting one another.’ 

Oliver Spencer, who has shown as part of LCM since its inception in June 2012 said: ‘What I try to do with my shows is create a moment, create ‘a thing’ – something that people will remember. London is the creative capital and there’s no better place to show my collection.’ 

Paul Smith who hosted an LCM celebration of Punk last night at his No.9 Albemarle Street store said: ‘London has always been an exceptionally creative and cosmopolitan place. There are more than three hundred languages spoken here, more than anywhere else in the world. It’s a never-ending goldmine of ideas. It would be impossible not to be constantly inspired and influenced living in London.’