Osram Lightify voting to add color to the Eurovision Song Contest

During the Eurovision Song Contest in May, Osram will bathe the Swedish capital in bright colors that show what viewers think of the songs. The Munich-based lighting specialist will light up seven landmarks in Stockholm and countless living rooms around the world with the help of light control during the semifinals and finals of the song contest. The color of the lights will reflect each song’s appeal to viewers.

During this year’s Eurovision Song Contest (ESC), viewers all over the world will be able to use the free app LIGHTIFY@Eurovision and the website www.osram.com/ESC to award one point to twelve points to each song during the first minute of every performance. Stockholm landmarks like the dome of the event venue, Globe Arena, the City Hall Tower and the television tower will be bathed in bright colors that reflect the audience’s feelings. A song that fails to win the audience’s favor will generate a wave of blue light. A song that inspires the masses and thus gets an average of twelve points will turn the landmarks bright red with the help of Osram Lightify. The ratings will be done independently of the telephone voting process that affects the determination of the winner of the ESC.

Some of the lighted monuments and buildings will be able to be seen on a live stream. Viewers can also keep track of the audience’s ratings by using live feedback offered by the mentioned app available in the App Store and Playstore. The service will add even more excitement to the contest. People who have already installed Lightify, Osram’s smart light-ing system, with multicolored LED lamps in their homes will be able to immerse their rooms in the colors that reflect their own vote.

The buildings are: 

  • Stadshustornet (city hall tower),
  • Hötorgsskraporna,
  • Strömsborg,
  • Globe Arena,
  • Kaknästornet (tv tower),
  • Eclipse at Gröna Lund and
  • Cityskylinern in Eurovision Village

The first semi-final will be held on May 10, 2016, and the second on May 12, 2016. The finals will be held on May 14, 2016. You will find more information about the ESC here and about the entertainment lighting of Osram here and about the City of Stockholm here.