Niska “The Painter Of The Soul”

François Lortie is a contemporary Canadian artist, better known as Niska. Called “the Painter of the Soul.”
My first exhibition [was] when I sent the paintings in Ottawa for the National Gallery in 1954. By this year, I remember, I was like 14 years old, those energies that I felt in my guts; I wanted to help the world. I wanted to help humanity, to change the world, so I associated to my spiritual energy, wanted so much to give, so that’s the strength of power.

Niska Choose Kindness

With illuminating colors and smooth flowing strokes, Niska’s paintings glow with happiness, purity, and truth. The indescribable harmony of a soulful experience is brought before the viewer, like a poem, a symphony, a ballet, or an epic, so real that you can almost touch it.

Through the profound experience of light and God, Niska arrives at his insightful view of the nature of this worldly existence.

Art evolved over the years. You see in many, many of my paintings. You see that straight line here, you see? And in 1990, I stopped putting dates on the paintings. That was through my spiritual growth and consciousness, that we’re not really immortal; we’re more eternal. I’m not the expert in language but I mean we were not really ever born nor will we really ever die. You can purchase one of Niska’s work and contribute towards a good cause. Go to L’Art de la Connexion for more information.