A naughty welcome at Milkshake 2017

Dag II

After a full day of traveling back from our holidays, ignoring jet lags or tiredness, going straight into party mode. Supported and stimulated by this warm and naughty welcome entering the Milkshake venue. A nice opening of a dance and music party so different from what we already know and a feast of diversity and curiosity during Amsterdam Pride.

I am glad we were here on the Sunday since the weather was so much nicer compared to the days before, as we noticed by all the Facebook postings from our friends who joined the festival on the first day. Nevertheless, their pictures and postings truly indicated something to look forward to despite the rain they had to endure. And we did have a good time, stayed almost to the end, danced, laughed, hugged…everything that is supposed to be. The atmosphere was great although the dj’s sometimes lacked ‘flow’ or ‘continuity’ in their playlist which sort of turned an ‘up’-feeling in something more temporary. However, in these instances we just decided to visit one of the other stages to overcome this short downer. The venue was big enough to find something of your liking.

The scenery was marvelous again, like other years. Full of fantasy, creativity and playfulness. I hope Milkshake will keep up with the standards and expectations they have created over the last few years. I hope they can bring in something special and extraordinary again next year to keep us happily and naughtily (!) surprised over and over again.

Happy Pride