Hendrik Vermeulen Couture

This was the very first interview we did. It was a pleasure being in touch with Hendrik Vermeulen and we were very happy that he was willing to give do the interview. During the interview, Hendrik told us about his next big step, opening his flagship in the center of Cape Town, a dream which came through! We just wanted to share this with you.

Hendrik Vermeulen
Hendrik Vermeulen

D Unknown meets with South African couturier¬†Hendrik Vermeulen.¬†D Unknown continues to cross borders and became acquainted¬†with South African¬†born couturier Hendrik Vermeulen. Hendrik Vermeulen was¬†born in Fauresmith; a¬†small town in the Free State Province. He felt drawn to fashion at the early age of six.¬†His grandmother, or ‘granny’ as he put it, had a taste for fashion. Her stunning outfits,¬†in combination with her exquisite taste for gloves and hats were his inspiration.¬†Mothers have a way of seeing into the future: still a young boy she taught him to sew.

Hendrik¬†gained¬†experience working as ‘Atelier Manager’ for internationally renowned¬†fashion designer, Gert van der Merwe. At a certain point he knew it was time to start¬†working with his own style and ideas.¬†¬†¬†What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a career in fashion?¬†“Work hard, work very hard…and give¬†it your best at all times!”¬†Where do you get your design inspiration?¬†“From different¬†sources, but mainly from nature”. Getting to meet extraordinary people is in his¬†opinion the best “thing” which comes from being a designer. What does ‘Controlled Chaos’¬†mean to you as a designer?¬†“Controlled Chaos is the absolute necessary ground¬†for¬†creativity”.

Controlled Chaos is the absolute necessary ground for creativity

Hendrik describes his next big step as being the opening of his flagship in¬†the center of Cape Town and the production of his first ‘Pret a Porter’ collection; both¬†scheduled in the last quarter of 2012. His work has been featured in “One Small Seed”¬†Pop Culture Magazine, Visi Konfetti, Fair Heads and Swiss Faces Magazine. D Unknown¬†looks forward to meeting up again with Hendrik.