Seré, Living The Dream

Seré, Sunshine Session

In 2012 Seré decided to get more serious and got herself a summer residency at DOK2013 in Amsterdam.

Living the Dream

In the second half of that year she also started with a DJ/Producer master course at Pyntago Producers Academy, because she wanted to learn to produce her own tracks in Ableton Live.


Having finally found her calling in music, she quit her fulltime job at the end of 2012. She threw her life around and started to live her dream as a fulltime DJ/Producer!

Her ‘Sunshine House’ sets are a mix of groovy, melodic Deep House, Tech House and (Italo) House. Her consist majorly of vocals and recognizable samples (70s, 80s, 90s), because  of this they ensure that the listening audience gets in the mood at a relatively fast pace. The music is aimed at giving that cheerful and energized feeling.