Passionate, Hard-Headed and Loving – Meet Melvin Anderson

Passionate, Hard-headed and Loving are the three words Melvin used to describe himself. Melvin Anderson  was born on the island of Aruba, but has traveled the world for the sake of aesthetics. When asked to tell us about where he considered home, he did not hesitate one bit. “Home to me is anywhere where my kitchen is; so I can prepare good food for my loved ones”.

You’ve designed textiles for almost twenty-five years. What made you switch from designing textiles to your current work? “For me it was a challenge to be able to work with a material of more permanent nature than textiles, or from a fleeting art form to a more permanent one”. More than ever, Anderson’s designs exude his personality. Northern European clarity meets Italian warmth, traces of Africa mix with a longing for the Caribbean.

As an artist, where do you draw your inspiration? “My inspiration comes from Art, Design, my travels, fruits, animals and people. My advice to anyone who is afraid to follow his or her dreams is this: ‘Take a deep breath and just jump in at the deep end”.

How would you define ‘Controlled Chaos’? “Chaos without boundaries”.

Admire Melvin’s work at Galerie Pien Rademakers on Saturday, September 22nd in Amsterdam.