D Unknown. Starting from the end.

Controlled Chaos

fashion, art, music, and leisure


Fashion is a powerful form of self-expression, influencing confidence and individuality. It transcends boundaries, reflecting culture and societal shifts, making it a vital force in shaping our identity and world.


Art is the soul's language, transcending boundaries to evoke emotion and provoke thought. It inspires creativity, deepens cultural connections, and enriches our lives, fostering a shared human experience.


Music is a universal language that transcends barriers. It resonates with emotions, fosters connections, and adds rhythm to life. Through melody and harmony, it shapes cultures and unites diverse hearts.

D Unknown was founded in 2014 with a vision to explore the captivating dimensions of Fashion, Arts, Music, and Leisure.
Our collaboration with designers, artists, and musicians unfolds a fascinating phenomenon called 'Controlled Chaos.'
Our mission is to offer you unparalleled ways to enrich your leisure experiences.
From the beginning, D Unknown has been drawn to Africa, aspiring to provide a platform for global creative souls. Over the years, D Unknown has become a well-accredited and respected platform.
After a hiatus, we eagerly anticipate 2024 to resume and propel ourselves to new heights. Join us on this journey, forging new friendships along the way, and embracing the Controlled Chaos that fashion, art, music, and leisure bring.