World’s Most Expensive HiFi Collection: $17,4M and 192 Kilograms of Fine Gold

UTRECHT, The Netherlands, December 11, 2015

BnO Gold has made a collection of Bang & Olufsen products that consists of a breathtaking total of 192 kilograms of fine gold. Retail price will be at 17,4 million dollars.

beolab-6000-gold-2-background-900x600Bang & Olufsen has already been over 90 years at the forefront of audio and video equipment. BnO Gold is going to take it even further. They have made an exclusive selection of the most iconic products B&O has ever produced. All the aluminum parts have been replaced by solid 24 carat gold. With these products the extreme wealthy true connoisseurs and design enthusiasts are being well served.


The 22 years old founder has formed a group of entrepreneurs and started to invest in this product. “We are getting used to it, but people drop their jaw when you mention that a pair of speakers is made out of 20 kilos of fine gold.” BnO Gold wants to combine the best sound, the timeless Danish design and the scarcest precious metal this planet has to offer us to create a product close to perfection. This project is based on the respect for the proven-track record of Bang & Olufsen.

BnO Gold will be bringing its products to highest end of the market. By using the best materials and producing only on request, the buyer gets a 100% tailored, unique product with a 100 years guarantee. Due to the density of gold, the BnO Gold products will be 9 times heavier than the originals. This explains the price of $2.9M for a speaker set.

The collection consists of the following products cast in solid 24 carat gold: BeoSound 9000, BeoLab 8000, BeoLab 6000, BeoLab 1 and the first 103-inch BnOVision.

World Premiere

This collection will be exhibited for the first time to the general public on December 10, 2015. The world premiere will be at the Masters of LXRY 2015 from 10 until 14 December which will be held in the Amsterdam RAI. After the Masters of LXRY the collection can be seen by appointment only. An application can be made via


Starting 2016, BnO Gold is going to conquer the world with their collection. The United Arab Emirates and Russia are high on the list. Especially with the World Cup in Russia and Qatar approaching.

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