LC Waikiki

LCWaikikiOpening up globally in 2009, LC Waikiki aims to become one of the top three ready-to-wear clothing brands of Europe in 2023. LC Waikiki brings together the dynamic air of street fashion, smartness and says hello to the city this autumn with its new designs. LC Waikiki completed the photo shoots of 2017 Autumn-Winter Collection including classic designs and season trends with the world famous blogger, model, actor and designer Mariano Di Vaio.  

ISTANBUL, September 6, 2016 LC Waikiki, the leading fashion retail brand of Turkey sparkles at the season trends and brings the indispensable elements of classic smartness to its collections offering accessible fashion to its customers in 31 countries.

The photo shoots of the collection in which both city life and naturalness are reflected were completed in Berlin, Germany with the world famous blogger, model, actor and designer Mariano Di Vaio.

Men are plain but assertive this season

Black anthracite, grey and ecru colours used in Elemental Collection come along as plain but assertive and are combined with pastel details. The collection which includes designs inspired by the solitude of minimalism and human nature leaves indelible marks in the men’s fashion world.

Remaster, another prominent theme of Autumn-Winter Men’s Collection, creates a trendy smartness with knitwear and jersey blazer jackets dominated by elegant simplicity. The zipper details, geometric camouflages and slogan prints transform the casual wear into smart in the collection. The dominance of skinny denims and pants in the trends continues this season as well.

The favourite of LC Waikiki women is denim this season

In the Woodland theme of the women’s collection, melange fabrics, checked patterns and worn out appearances stand out. These are inspired by hand workmanship and natural life.  Denims and mixed denims are the women’s favourite and have the biggest role in this season.

Woodland theme in which we will see navy, grey melange, dark red and ecru colours includes long cardigans, checked ponchos, dresses and worn out denims.  It places oversize forms and abundance of knitwear in winter season with Winter Dreams theme.  Grey melanges increase the emphasis of pink which stands out in winter season.  Winter Dreams theme includes dusty rose, soft pink, silver grey, grey and black tones. It will give the pleasure of both simplicity and smartness with blouses in pile details, leopard patterns and black denims.


ANTALYA, Turkey, March 17, 2016 Erkan Bacak unofficially set a new world record for running a half marathon in a suit at the 2016 International RUNATOLIA Marathon. His time of 1:22:27 beat the previous record by more than two minutes, placing him sixth in his age group and 23rd overall.

Erkan Bacak after finishing RUNATOLIA (PRNewsFoto/Kosu Dunyamiz, LLC)
Erkan Bacak after finishing RUNATOLIA (PRNewsFoto/Kosu Dunyamiz, LLC)

Bacak, 33, a former professional swimmer as well as a sports referee and trainer from Balikesir, Turkey did not intentionally set out to conquer the record. As part of a 13-man team sponsored by Turkish running company, Kosu Dunyamiz, the group dressed in suits as a way to create team unity and promote the sport of running in Turkey. Kosu Dunyamiz company founder and team organizer, Gulsum Rustemoglu, stated that the purpose of wearing the suits was to “create a unique running experience in Turkey.”
“I was hoping to beat 1:22 but really my goal was to enjoy the chance to run a race in a suit,” stated Bacak. Individuals along the route were surprised to see Bacak in his attire. One race volunteer erroneously mistook Bacak as a spectator and refused Bacak water at an aid station, which was for runners only. “That’s when I knew I was doing something really unique,” explained Bacak.
The previous two record holders wore specially made suits to allow for greater running movement or to maximize sweat wicking. Bacak’s suit had no such advantages and simply was a suit rented from a local store. Bacak expressed, “running in a suit was much more comfortable than I imagined. I surprisingly was not too hot.”
The Kosu Dunyamiz team celebrated with Bacak after the race. Rustemoglu explained, “we all felt so proud of him.” Bacak’s next goal is to have his time verified by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Kosu Dunyamiz, LLC is San Diego based company formed in September 2015, by Gulsum Rustemoglu. Its goal is to promote the sport of running in Turkey and across the world through virtual races and other running events.