Myles Sanko
Myles Sanko ©Iris Teunissen 2016

Amsterdam 30 November 2016 We had a quick one on one with Myles Sanko before his show in Amsterdam. Myles Sanko is a charismatic UK based soul artist, and music producer, on tour with his new album “Just Being Me”. “Just Being Me” is available on CD, Vinyl & Digital Download.  How has The Netherlands been treating you? “It’s been great, it has a soft spot in my heart. All the love that I have been receiving on the tour has been absolutely fantastic”.

This is Myles Sanko’s first official tour in The Netherlands. We asked how he keeps up with his tight tour schedule. “Try not to live the rock & roll life”. What do you want to give to your audience? “I want them to enjoy the music, to enjoy my voice. If you dig deeper, there is a message for everyone to be found”. How do you stay motivated? “It’s hard work to navigate through the world, no matter what you are doing. I am stubborn, and that helps me out in the music industry. I don’t give up, whatever I am doing.”

I have been to concerts where the artists has tried to entice the audience to sing along. Most of the times with little luck. With Myles, this is different. He has no difficulty in convincing this audience. It is as if they were hoping, and (im)patiently waiting to be asked to partake. First the entire audience, then with no extra convincing the guys joined in, trying their best to outperform the women. Myles Sanko is jut being himself. Elegant, intimate, charming. The dynamic, the fluctuations in tempo, the depth. It’s all wrapped in one evening. If we were to describe the evening in terms of colours, then it was warm, smooth, sparkling.

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