Eindhoven, August 2016 – After the successful launch of Intersections in 2015 in Milan, it has had several public commissions. This versatile design for public spaces has proven to function seamlessly inside and outside, permanent and temporary. The installation creates a space encouraging spontaneous actions and stimulates interaction. Now Intersections has a permanent  installation in the open air of Gdynia (Poland), as well as a a temporary installation in Copenhagen (Denmark). It took busy professionals, inner city dwellers, pensionados, families with children, and tourists no more than 5 minutes to start intuitively enjoy the many options Intersections  offers in public space.

IntersectionINTERSECTIONS IN GDYNIA | permanent
This permanent installation of Intersections, made from powder-coated stainless steel, was placed on the Feliks Nowowiejski Seaside Boulevard in Gdynia, Poland in the summer of 2016. The installation was commissioned by Gdynia Design Center as part of the project ‘Grass to the point’, which aims to create a recreational trail leading through the green squares and parks of Gdynia, in which Intersections will take its permanent place.

The prototype of Intersections (in Polish: Iloczyny) was originally created for Gdynia Design Days 2014, the largest summer festival in Poland. The work was inspired by the modernist architecture of Gdynia, newly built in the modernist period.

This installation of Intersections – Emerging Geometry is displayed in the center of Copenhagen on Kongens Nytorv (The King’s New Square), the largest square in Copenhagen. Intersections can be found just opposite the Hotel d’Angleterre, one of the first deluxe hotels in the world. The installation was commissioned by Metro Copenhagen within the Byens Hegn – Cool Construction program. After Shadow City (2013) and Stairway (2015), this is the third project by Izabela Bołoz that has been commissioned as part of this city project. The project, launched in 2011, facilitates, finances and curates temporary interventions on and along the construction sites, aiming to turn them into a positive and integrated part of the local urban environment.

INTERSECTIONS | the basics
Intersections is an open and versatile collection by Izabela Bołoz launched in 2014. The collection consists of several geometric, modular objects, which can be freely rearranged.  As each module slides into the other, like two combs, form and color meet and interweave. Together the shapes create sculptural furniture or installation.

Intersections create friendly and uplifting meeting spaces. Intersections usually remain filled with people performing all sorts of actions. The large frames provide a beautiful spot for selfies and images, both for groups, couples as well as single people. Intersections attract people and invite to sit, relax, search for the best position. People can use the work as a meeting spot, a space for sitting, waiting, chatting.

Izabela Bołoz
Fascinated by human behavior, Izabela Bołoz uses design to engage people. With each piece she invites public interaction, bringing her work to life. Mediating between the human scale and architectural structures, her urban interventions stimulate the imagination, offering new ways of experiencing the ordinary. She brings brings art, architecture and design together in unexpected ways, taking advantage of lost moments and spaces to instil emotion and color in otherwise anonymous environments. With a poetic and subtle approach, her installations are as clever as they are playful; personal havens of wonder, reflection or relaxation for all ages.