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An Eye On Africa

Africa is booming

AfricaAccording to a report by The Economist on January 6th, 2011, during the span of ten years leading up to 2010, no fewer than six of the world’s swiftest expanding economies were situated in sub-Saharan Africa. Approximately one-third of the population is categorized as middle class – a youthful demographic in the phase of acquiring, leading to the emergence of expanding markets for consumer products and recreational pursuits. Concurrently, a flourishing can be observed in fields such as fashion, visual arts, photography, design, literature, film, theatre, and music. Showcasing this creative surge are festivals and occasions like the Cape Town Jazz Festival, Panafest Festival, Lagos Photo, along with events like the South African Fashion Week, which provide compelling testament to an atmosphere of inventive, unrestrained expression and discerning thought. These activities mirror the artistic energy of numerous African urban centers and their associated creative hubs, captivating an increasing interest from both domestic and international audiences.

D Unknown – ‘Controlled Chaos’ International Fashion & Arts Events

The collaboration between designers and artists gives rise to an indescribable splendor. Each of their creations stands as a masterpiece in its own right. Together, they kindle an artistic ambiance that lingers indefinitely. D Unknown amalgamates the endeavors of these designers and artists, resulting in what we term as ‘Controlled Chaos’. As a consequence, the outcome becomes an unforeseeable, unparalleled, and awe-inspiring display. Designers and artists find motivation and empowerment to venture beyond their customary boundaries, nurturing an abundance of creativity. D Unknown seamlessly intertwines the realms of fashion and arts, rendering them inseparable entities. The existence of one is inherently linked to the other. Through careful guidance, the observer’s gaze is directed to recognize the concealed beauty within fashion and arts, an essence that might otherwise go unnoticed. To stay informed about our Fashion & Arts Events, kindly click here.