Love Letter From Rodrigo New York

Rodrigo Otazu is an artist. He is a jeweler, photographer and icon of the fashion world. Well known as “Jeweler to the Stars”, his work is edgy, chic and voguish, prevailing alongside the sirens of global contemporary culture.

Lady Gaga, Madonna, Kate Perry, and Jennifer Lopez count amongst his celebrity clientele. Rodrigo works independently these days from his studio in Manhattan, New York, where he creates designs for jewelry under his brand, Rodrigo New York.

His exquisite and distinctive pieces are made according to exacting manufacturing standards, and he exerts personal control over the entire process.

Rodrigo sets his own agenda, living and breathing his craft.

I provide something different, especially my couture pieces, they are an emotional statement

The powerful statement of Rodrigo’s designs have created a demand for custom made pieces for some of the world’s leading artists – from Kylie Minoque, for whom Rodrigo created a special diamond piece in association with the House of Gassan and ALINK, to Kelis, Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Madonna, and last, but not least, Lady Gaga.

Rodrigo counts himself amongst one of Swarovski’s celebrated and chosen designers making jewels for Swarovski’s “Atelier” workshop range, as well as personally designing the jewels that Nadja Swarovski wore to the Swarovski “Fashion Rocks” concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall.