Launch of New Photo Agency SilverHub Media

LONDON, April 12, 2016 SilverHub Media (“SilverHub”) today announces the recent acquisitions of Action Press KG and The Picture Library Limited, which will form the foundations of a significant new imagery business which will revitalise the editorial photography industry, providing innovative solutions for customers, content owners and story tellers alike.

SilverHub has been founded by an experienced and energised team with a deep passion for photography, who recognise the way customers’ needs are changing as the media landscape continues to evolve. Nick E

Launch of New Photo Agency SilverHub Media, credit David Biedert/SilverHub (PRNewsFoto/SilverHub Media Limited)
Launch of New Photo Agency SilverHub Media, credit David Biedert/SilverHub (PRNewsFoto/SilverHub Media Limited)

vans-Lombe, co-founder of SilverHub, commented: “We think that some of the fun, creativity and excitement has gone out of the content business, and we want to bring it back. By drawing together great photographers, storytellers and curators with new technology solutions, we will help our clients all around the world to realise their visions.”

SilverHub will assemble fantastic content to help customers maximise their impact across both traditional and social media channels, as well as  their products and other activations. SilverHub will go the extra mile to form a greater understanding of customers’ needs, and work with them to exceed their demands.  As well as delivering new technology solutions to help traditional content work faster and smarter for its customers, SilverHub will also be bringing to the market cutting edge content across video, VR and other formats.

“Content creators, content users, corporate organisations, rights holders and individuals who want to tell their stories are just not being supported as they might by the industry at present. The SilverHub team will create exciting new offerings to meet these needs,” commented Evans-Lombe.