Jan Phillips and Ruth Westreich Introduce “Creativity Unzipped” – The First Why-to Book on Creativity

SAN DIEGO, July 13, 2016 Jan Phillips and Ruth Westreich, award-winning authors and artists, introduce “Creativity Unzipped—Why Your Thoughts Matter”, the first why-to book on creativity. The book is a synthesis of stories, science and social research that debunks the myths around creativity. To compile data, the authors surveyed 1,200 people and uncovered the fears and insecurities individuals face in expressing creativity.

Award-winning authors Jan Phillips and Ruth Westreich introduce "Creativity Unzipped--Why Your Thoughts Matter." (PRNewsFoto/Jan Phillips and Ruth Westreich)
Award-winning authors Jan Phillips and Ruth Westreich introduce “Creativity Unzipped–Why Your Thoughts Matter.” (PRNewsFoto/Jan Phillips and Ruth Westreich)

“The book’s mission is twofold—to deconstruct myths about creativity and to redefine the meaning of ‘creative’ so everyone feels included,” says Ruth Westreich, co-author of “Creativity Unzipped”. “The creativity we describe in this book is the act of creating our lives.”

“You’ve been creating your life for all these years. You already know how to do it. This book is to help you remember why to do it,” says Jan Phillips, co-author of “Creativity Unzipped”. “This book is our Tibetan gong, our cathedral chimes, our shofar sounding a call to action. It is our hope that it opens all kinds of doors and windows to one’s creative self.”

Phillips and Westreich published their first joint venture in 2014, a photographic coffee table book and Nautilus Award winner, “Finding Ourselves on Sacred Ground”.

Available now, “Creativity Unzipped—Why Your Thoughts Matter” sells for $19.95 and can be purchased on Amazon and at janphillips.com. To learn more, visit the authors’ Facebook page.

Jan Phillips is a writer, musician, photographer and activist who connects the dots between creativity, spirituality and social action. She has taught in 23 countries, written 10 award-winning books on creativity, spirituality and thought leadership and created three CDs of original music. She is the founder and executive director of the Livingkindness Foundation, which built the Livingkindness Centre for Learning in Ikuzeh, Nigeria.

Ruth Westreich is a painter, photographer, philanthropist and social activist. She is president of The Westreich Foundation, a private family foundation focused on health creation and prevention of disease beginning with nutrition and through integrative, functional, natural and palliative medicine, and the creative and expressive arts for holistic care and healing.  She serves on many boards as a strategic advisor. She believes in convening, connecting, collaborating and consensus building to move forward today’s critical agendas in the areas of health and wellbeing.