House Heroes Joins The D Unknown Music / DeeJay Club

D Unknown, Tuesday 12 November 2013

House Heroes joins the D Unknown Music / DeeJays  club. House Heroes is now the fifth DJ to join up with D Unknown.

We make happy and catchy tunes with a look and feel which fits the music; happy colors, nostalgic and a world where you are always feeling satisfied

House Heroes

House Heroes (The deejay: Mister Red & the producer: Mister Blue) are based in the Netherlands, where they work as deejays, producers, remixers and bootleggers. The musical ingredients are: melody, groove, pop, happy house, sun and fun. We put this in the blender untill the right colour appears.

House Heroes performed live at various venues in the Netherlands and abroad, such as: Escape Venue at Amsterdam (NL), Lexion Venue at Zaandam (NL),Club Poema at Utrecht (NL), Club Monza at Utrecht (NL), Harders Plaza at Harderwijk (NL), Discoteca Arena at Blanes (Spain)