Gucci Photoshop Fail Does Strange Things To Joan Small’s Crotch

We’ve seen Photoshop fails result in some pretty sketchy crotch areas (think: J. Crew’s overzealous handiwork and Victoria’s Secret thigh-removal retouching). So it should really come as no surprise that faulty airbrushing would strike that particular area again. We just didn’t expect it to pop up in such a gorgeous Gucci campaign.

Our friends over at PsDisasters tipped us off to the slightly off-kilter shot in the Gucci Resort 2013 ads, and we immediately let out a disappointed sigh — the photos were just so pretty. But upon closer inspection, we had to admit that they were actually right.

The fail in question has to do with poor Joan Smalls’ leg-to-hip area. Her torso is twisted, but there’s still something a little… off about the way her legs are positioned. Does anyone else notice that her crotch doesn’t match up to her body at all? That oversized snakeskin tote isn’t hiding anything either…

So while we happen to like this particular campaign, we’ll concede that the airbrushing got a little out of hand. Or maybe more than a little. Whatever.

By Rebecca Adams