Elise Luttik expands Upside Down Collection

Eindhoven, October 2015 – Elise Luttik expands her well received Upside Down Collection with two new models: the Upside Down Screen and the Upside Down Chair 2.0. They will premiere at the leading Dutch Design Week exhibition at the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven (NL), under the art direction of Maarten Kolk and Guus Kusters. Stackable, a new collection designed by duo Elise Luttik + Hester Stolk, will also be on show during DDW15 at Yksi Expo.

Upside Down Collection

A complete interior design concept consisting of multi functional furniture in which everything transforms: the table becomes a basket, the chair changes into a throne and the transparent room divider turns into a non-see-through screen. During DDW15 Elise Luttik presents the latest developments in this playful and flexible collection:

Lisa Klappe
Lisa Klappe

Upside Down Screen

A transparent room divider made from Ash and furnished with the fabric Zembra from the Vescom-collection. Due to the graphical quality of the fabric, one can play with the degree of transparency. This room divider provides privacy or openness depending on the positioning of the screens and created overlaps. In a next edition, The Upside Down Screen will be fabricated with a sound absorbing transparent fabric for use in both residential and professional interior design projects.

Upside Down Chair 2.0

This compact version of the Upside Down Chair Original (designed in 2014) was developed further by Elise Luttik for and with VERS (www.versdesign.nl). The Upside Down Chair 2.0 is a dining chair in simple lines of wood. It provides sure seating while simultaneously embracing the back. Turned upside down this seat is a throne, a pedestal with a view (on bar stool level).

In addition to the Upside Down Screen and Upside Down Chair 2.0 the Upside Down Table (table and basket) are on show in the Klokgebouw.

Upside Down Chair Original: Ash tree | 70cm depth x 85cm width x 120cm height

Upside Down Chair 2.0: Birch wood | 55cm depth x 59cm width x 111cm height

Upside Down Table: Ash tree | 45cm diameter x 37cm height

Upside Down Screen: Ash tree and fabric by Vescom | 3cm thick, 300cm width x 165cm height


Upside Down Collection @ DDW15

Strijp-S | Klokgebouw 50, EINDHOVEN (NL)

tickets DDW: € 16 (ex. service) online, at the door € 18,50

dates & opening hours: Sa 17 Oct – Su 25 Oct, 11:00 – 18:00

Elise Luttik

Elise Luttik is a graduate from the Industrial Design Department of Delft Technical University, since 2013 she is active under the name eli5e by Elise Luttik. With the Upside Down Collection Elise reinvents herself and broadens her work from small 3D objects to life size furniture in wood. Her work always features well considered technology and construction, like the slender steam shaped legs of the chair and the laser synthered light bulb. The Upside Down Collection is shown in Milan, Miami and Eindhoven. www.eliseluttik.nl