DDW Dutch Design Awards rewards the daring and creativity of clients



EINDHOVEN, 5 September 2016 – The three finalists for the Best Client Award 2016 are distinctive in their contemporary approach to cooperation. On Saturday 29 October the winner will be announced during DDW Dutch Design Week.

The Best Client Award is the Dutch Design Awards (DDA) special prize for clients who employ designers and design strategically in their organisation. Rewarding good commissioning of design. Important criteria are the degree of professionalism, strategy, sustainability and innovation. From all the submissions the committee, comprising Pieter Aarts (ContentKings, DMN), Rita van Hattum (BNO), Luuk Ros (NIMA), Roel Stavorinus (design and marketing strategist), Mark van Iterson (Heineken) and Adjan Kodde (Mirabeau) selected three finalists this year.

Design leadership
What struck the evaluation committee the most from the cases submitted was that clients in many cases only work incidentally with a design agency; there is still a deficiency in long-term, strategic partnerships. Clients seeking success must deploy creativity and various disciplines to develop visions for the long term. Displaying daring and vision, in other words design leadership, has the future. The three finalists have shown how great the results can be if, as a client, you dare to do this.

Added value
The committee sees the finalists and several other submissions as examples of more contemporary cooperation. They are sustainable, iterative, agile, multidisciplinary and all have a common goal: the creation of added value for the end user. Manufacturer of household products Brabantia, mobility service MultiTankcard and airline Transavia have shown themselves to be different through formulating answers to complex issues about long-term brand identity.

Dutch Design Awards
On Saturday 29 October, during Dutch Design Week, the winner will be announced. Dutch Design Awards are prizes for the best in the field of Dutch design. The prize-giving with the exhibition of the finalists’ work during Dutch Design Week (22-30 October) and the publication of Dutch Design Today form a platform for the full spectrum of Dutch design. For additional information visit