ART The Hague

Art The Hague

The new fair for contemporary art: ART The Hague

Art The Hague provides excellent insights into contemporary art, but there is more. The art fair displays The Hague’s international character, organises tours and exhibitions and aims to further enthuse the business community for modern art.

Visit Gallery Helder at Art The Hague from Wednesday 2nd – Sunday 6th October at the Fokker Terminal in The Hague.

Jakob de Jonge, The Arc,
Jakob de Jonge, The Arc

In Helder contemporary modern art is presented in an exciting juxtaposition of the artists autonomy and design. Gallery Helder aims at young artists under the credo ‘promipas’: profession, mission and passion. Profession means a serious approach. The mission is support, accompanying and promotion of the artist. Passion is the necessary impetus in the work.

In a modest manor-house in the Zeeheldenkwartier of The Hague, the gallery works on projects in Art & Living. It is art and design in everyday’s life that influence and inspire oneanother. In stead of an industrial space the gallery has an integrated ‘living room’ as exhibition floor. That matches with the wish to present art at a low threshold. The exhibition floor measures some 100 m2. There will be theme exhibitions with a yearly cycle. In an unorthodox way the artist will be presented to the visitors.