Antonio Stefano: Cause-Related Clothing Brand Makes its World Debut on the Catwalks of Los Angeles Monday, October 17th

Antonio Stefano
Antonio Stefano Ties (PRNewsFoto/Antonio Stefano)

Antonio Stefano

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 12, 2016 Devoting a full 49% of its profits towards abused dogs, the high-end clothing brand Antonio Stefano makes its world debut in Los Angeles on Monday, October 17th, with an afterparty the same night. What is probably the world’s most cause-related company was launched with the goal of helping abused and abandoned dogs by building a hospital for them.

Stefano Riznyk, the Chief Creative Director, is hardly the person you would expect to launch a clothing line. A business lawyer and high-level negotiator, he is often forced to wear ties. With a lack of distinctive wear in the market, he launched the company with very bold and striking ties made by hand in Lake Como, the silk capital of Italy. “Since the tragic departure of Gianni (Versace), I had nowhere left to really satisfy my taste for a tie that is both expressive and artistic,” he states.

There are only 3 ways a man can distinguish himself: his tie, watch, and belt; anything else other and he risks losing the respect of the mainstream in the high-stakes business world.  A tie, however, can separate someone from the pack. It is so much more than an accessory, it is a statement.

As a negotiator, he states, a tie reveals a personality more than one would think.  Antonio Stefano productions are each a work of art and individually designed. The silk ties retail from $69 to $225 and are currently available in stores in Milan and Las Vegas. They are both printed and manufactured in the same companies as you will find the world’s top ten designers making theirs.

The first of ten models at the show will offer a sneak peak into the next item in production, a silk or satin (your choice) bathrobe in a dazzling jaguar design to replace the ‘grandmotherly’ bathrobes that women now have to use when courting their new man.

Antonio Stefano will be having an afterparty at 9PM that Monday at the W Hotel in Hollywood (in the Station) to celebrate the World Release.

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