Amsterdam Played Host To An EMAzing Music Gala…And The Whole World Was Invited!

Amsterdam lived up to its reputation as a party city. Redfoo lived up to his reputation as a party rocker. And the 2013 show lived up to the EMA’s reputation as the ultimate party for music fans around the globe!

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus

Watching a live performance by any one of tonight’s EMAzing artists would be awesome enough…but this lineup was totally mind-blowing. We’re talking about Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Robin Thicke with Iggy Azalea, Snoop Dogg with Afrojack and 7 Days of Funk, The Killers, Imagine Dragons, Icona Pop…and a surprise performance of ‘Berserk’ by Global Icon honouree Eminem!

Plus, we got to enjoy the cheeky humour of our intergalactic MC Redfoo, the charm of our lovely backstage host Ariana Grande, and the buffoonery of clueless ‘Anchorman’ Ron Burgundy—a.k.a. Will Ferrell, who has to be pretty clever to act that dumb!

We learned what the fox says from Ylvis, learned that Amsterdam is the capital of Scandinavia—er, sorry, no it’s not, that was Ron Burgundy again—and learned how to do Redfoo’s signature shuffle. All in all, it was a very educational evening…and a ridiculous amount of fun!

We also learned that the MTV EMA will be held in Glasgow, Scotland, in 2014. And after the epic party we threw in Amsterdam, we may need until next year to recover!