Spending a short time in Helsinki, the Amos Rex museum really is recommendable to visit. Watching the queue wrapped around the building almost entirely, this museum certainly is popular by attracting so many visitors. It is worth the wait!

Amos Rex is an art museum where the past, present and future meet. And this was the very thing that attracted us to visit Amos Rex’ opening exhibition just after new year’s. The exhibition presented the art collective teamLab. This Tokyo based art collective (est. 2001) creates art from an extensive transdisciplinary approach using graphic design, technology, light and music, to create spaces where the visitor is completely engulfed in a wonderfully pleasant and intriguing, almost psychedelic experience. It was inviting!

The first space created something almost like the garden of Eden where colorful plants grew and little animals crawled around. Stepping onto an animal resulted in a short splash of colors although the creature did not die but happily continued crawling about. It is the kind of art that invites people to interact with the visuals, inviting to move and play. Not only the kids but everyone!

The second space allowed you to almost be sucked up in a black hole surrounded by light. The blue-white lights created movement that in combination with the music, wanted you to just sit still, be taken up in the creations, watch details of the moving patterns. Visitors where just doing this, lying down on the floor on the available pillows. Maybe wanting to know what would be beyond the black hole? 

The third space, only allowing in small groups of people, took you on a 4 minute ride full of beautiful line pattern and flower light explosions, and together with the music allowing you to enjoy this journey transitioning from one part to another through an alien world that you would believe must exist somewhere.

Yes, our minds where nourished again with these amazing art spaces!

Amos Rex

Address: Amos Rex (Lasipalatsi)
Mannerheimintie 22–24
00100 Helsinki