Adorable T-shirt Brand Based in Ukraine Is Changing the Style Game for Children

BiBi Club designs playful & whimsical tees with interchangeable dresses for little fashionistas

NEW YORK, March 25, 2016 Playing dress up is fun, exciting and something most little girls absolutely love.  Now, they can do the same with their very own t-shirts! BiBi Club (, debuts a limited edition t-shirt collection for children complete with removable dresses and carefree designs so they can change up the style of a shirt in an instant.  Professional designers wanted to give children something that would bring them joy, while at the same time help them to develop a sense of style, creativity and independence. Through reliable technology from high quality materials, designer Tatyana Vlasenko and manager Jana Lopina created a series of interchangeable t-shirts. Based in Ukraine, the project was started in order to raise the funds needed to create these t-shirts, and along with providing little girls the chance to be their own fashion stylists, the company’s mission to help the children in the area’s local orphanages.  BiBi Club is also conducting master classes for these children, giving them t-shirt and dress kits, teaching them how to sew, as well as about the culture of design. The company is continuing to raise funds and will launch through their Kickstarter, so that they can continue to design and create their charming t-shirt collections for children everywhere.

BiBi Club interchangeable dresses (PRNewsFoto/BiBi Club)
BiBi Club interchangeable dresses (PRNewsFoto/BiBi Club)

The adorable, quality styles from BiBi Club are even enjoyed by parents. The company has collected plenty of successful feedback from satisfied clients, with no complaints. Even after many consultations with child psychologists, BiBi Club is sure its products are safe and beneficial for child development. When the company sees happy and admiring eyes coming from the little girls who don BiBi Club designs, they realize how fun and valuable they have been to helping little fashionistas feel like real stylists and learn to select clothes.

“T-shirts with removable dresses are a unique and innovative concept. We had to show consumers how it works and why it could be used not only as clothes, but also as a fun educational game,” states manager Jana Lopina. “The main drive for the children is the play factor. We love seeing happy and appreciative smiles coming from the little girls who are having so much fun with BiBi Club.”

The t-shirts are made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane with an interlining inside, and come in a variety of sizes for kids. The design prints are printed onto high quality cotton t-shirts with permanent ink on water base, and then through simple technology the special delicate Velcro is attached to the shirt, along with the Velcro fastened on top and then the variety of little handmade dresses that are interchangeable between t-shirts! There are four T-shirt kit themes available for little girls with a variety of collections, including: Fashion, Top Kids, Waldorf Dolls, and Stargirl, which all include a t-shirt and two dresses, and then Cute Toys, which includes a t-shirt and toy within the kit. For little boys, there are two t-shirt collections. The Wild Zoo includes designs of a shark, tiger or crocodile prints, and the Cute Toys theme incudes a car, monster or bus print with the kit including a t-shirt and two images. Along with the BiBi Club’s T-shirts and dresses, the designers also created a Magic play book in order to continue with the educational styling game, that you can add on to your purchase. The play book has soft Velcro on its pages, so while playing with t-shirts, girls will be able to put dresses in the wardrobe and learn how to maintain cleanliness.

BiBi Club strives to continue to develop and improve as a company. Their main goal is to make the product available and create even more amazing things for your children. They want to help more kids and produce more t-shirts, with an optimal quantity of 1,000 t-shirts per month, to transfer them to even more orphanages. Through BiBi Club’s Kickstarter platform, customers will receive specific merchandise depending on the amount of money they pledge to the company. There are six pledge packages that range from $5 to $500, and the rewards are based off of the donation amount. As donation goals increase, the rewards given back by BiBi Club will be even greater!

“We thank our friends that supported us and helped us bring our idea to life,” states manager Jana Lopina. “Little kids deserve the independence of being able to be their own real stylist and having fun while doing it. We love being able to provide children with this opportunity and to see how much excitement they have with it!”

For more information on BiBi Club, visit To gain media access please email or call 1.877.841.7244.

About BiBi Club

BiBi Club is a limited edition of fun and adorable t-shirts for little kids with interchangeable and removable dresses. By establishing a reliable technology and finding the right high quality materials, the company has created several series of t-shirts. The professional designer, Tatyana Vlasenko and manager Jana Lopina, wanted to make kids happy while letting the develop a sense of style, creativity and independence, which led them to create designs, print and make dresses for these unique t-shirts. The company also began in order to help the children in orphanages in Ukraine by teaching them the culture of design and how to sew the dresses. The project was started in the hopes that they could get the funds that would allow them to add the necessary equipment to produce more t-shirts from BiBi Club, so that children from the entire world get the joy and inspiration from the game. BiBi Club strived to develop and improve as a company so that they can help more children with the resources that they receive.