ABBA The Museum

On Thursday 28th of July, we visited ABBA The Museum in Stockholm, Sweden. We requested a Press Accreditation on Monday, 25th and received a prompt response the following morning from Helena Mattson, Press Department of the museum. Our tickets, including the press passes, would be ready for pick up anytime between the 26th of June and August 4th. Helena told us about the interactive activities, such as a quiz, karaoke, and even the possibility of being the 5th member of ABBA.IMG_20160728_164245

I never considered myself an ABBA fan, but after seeing the excitement of the people waiting in line outside the museum, I felt as if I was about to witness a ABBA performance. For my partner, raised with ABBA as a teenager, visiting this museum was diving into enjoyable nostalgia. We received our tickets, and press passes and started our journey through the museum. Guided by practical audio tour equipment.

ABBA The MuseumThe museum is indeed more than an ordinary museum. The museum is really educational in a broad sense and lets you experience the grandness of ABBA, their costumes, gold records (ABBA sold more than 379 million records), memorabilia, even down to the seconds before winning the Eurovision Song Festival in 1974, with the hit Waterloo.

The number of Gold Records is breathtaking. Have a seat in The Helicopter from the classic LP Cover, have a look at Gunnar Ulvaeus’ press cuttings, gaze at the amazing stage costumes. Listening to all the stories about their lives, successes but also the obstacles they had to take, was indeed very educational.

If you are a true ABBA fan, visiting ABBA The Museum is a MUST. If you are not a true ABBA fan, visiting ABBA The Museum is a MUST. If you never heard of ABBA, visiting ABBA The Museum is a MUST.

A new ABBA fan is born!




Opening Hours: May 15th – August 28th Monday – Sunday 10 am – 8 pm – Last slot time 6:30 pm

By Robert Greene & René Teunissen