Steffen Morrison ‘Just Another Man’

Steffen Morrison

We were recently fortunate to have a conversation with Steffen Morrison at The College Hotel in Amsterdam. We first saw Steffen performed at the Uitmarkt 2016. Steffen Morrison is a talented singer, and an amazing performer. A soul singer, who grew up with the moves and sound of James Brown, Otis Redding, and Marvin Gaye. We chatted about his passion for music, his outlook on life, and about the future.

He was born in Suriname, has lived in LA, before moving to The Netherlands, where he has been living for some time now. Though he understands and has tasted the music business in LA, his heart and focus lays (for now) in The Netherlands, and in Europe.Steffen Morrison

Listening to Steffen speak about music, one cannot help but truly feel the passion, and love he has for it.

A performer or a singer? He is both. His intentions are to make people feel the music during every performance. As he put it, when coming to see him perform, do “remember to take an extra t-shirt”. You will need it. He has an energy which makes your body move.

Here we have a ‘down to earth type’ of fellow. A grand artist and performer: Steffen Morrison.

Though our word is good enough, still don’t take our word for it. Check him out.

He is a reminder of all what D Unknown is about. Helping you discover the gems in the fashion, art and music industry.

Steffen has his EP release show “Just Another Man” on Tuesday, September 13th at Paradiso.