Zimoun opens Site-specific Installation in Aarhus Denmark

AarhusOn 1 March opens the magnificent sound installation by internationally recognized Swiss artist Zimoun at Godsbanen in Aarhus. With his work Site-Specific Installation, Zimoun wants to transform everyday materials into aesthetic environments that change the viewer’s experience of space, light and atmosphere. With 2,030 cardboard boxes and 435 tiny motors, Zimoun questions our perception of noise and music and presents new ways of listening to our everyday environments. With these simple mechanical objects the artist creates sublime experiences that give the viewer a chance to become immersed in a unique and ever-changing soundscape. This will be the first exhibition by Zimoun in Denmark. The project is a part of European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017.

At the opening night musicians will use and mix live-streamed sound from six different locations in Central Denmark Region – among these the artwork of Zimoun in Den Rå Hal – and create new and unique sonic experiences.

Zimoun’s spectacular sound installation will be accompanied by Danish composer and musician Simon Christensen, who will perform a concert on the roof of Radar. Then the artist Xenia Xamanek Lopez from The Royal Academy of Music will play a concert to the live-streamed sounds from the six outdoor sound installations in the region. Finally, popular Danish duo Cancer will likewise integrate the sounds of The Overheard into a live performance.

Aarhus 2017 CEO Rebecca Matthews says, “The Overheard uses Central Denmark Region as a sound playground in a truly surprising and innovative way. By combining different forms of expression and different platforms, it breaks down barriers between art, music and everyday listening experiences. Moreover, the project has built new connections between the sound industry, cultural institutions, and artists from Denmark and abroad. The Overheard will be a clarion call for sound throughout 2017, and embodies what it means to rethink.”

The Overheard
The Overheard is a project created by Morten Riis and Marie Højlund from Aarhus University, and is part of the official Aarhus 2017 programme. Throughout the year they wish to inspire the citizens of Central Denmark Region to listen in new ways to our everyday environments by presenting extraordinary sound installations, unique concerts and inspiring workshops. The Overheard wish to invite everyone to actively consider everyday noises, and rethink the connection between music, sound and noise. By breaking down the division between culture consumer and non-culture consumer, art and non-art, and the everyday and unique cultural experiences, The Overheard can open up dialogue and reflection on the complex noise challenges we experience in society today.

Throughout the year The Overheard will present several spectacular sound installations and unique concert experiences. More information about following concerts and installations will appear on:

Webpage: www.theoverheard.dk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/overheard2017/
Programme: http://www.aarhus2017.dk/da/program/the-overheard/