Women’s Confidence is Bust

  • ‘Bigger is no longer better’ – in stark contrast to the ‘90s pin-up, women across generations desire a youthful natural ‘perky’ look
  • Italians and Poles are most breast confident vs. Brits who are the most unsatisfied
  • Breast and body confidence hinders women in the workplace, affecting career paths across Europe
  • Less than half of women in the 30s to 40s life stage feel positive about their bodies
  • Younger women want killer cleavage vs. older generation who desire lift to enhance their natural curves
  • Triumph has launched Magic Boost – a collection of three customised fitting bras that offer a solution to the natural ageing of women’s busts – helping women to reclaim their shape
  • Never underestimate the power of a great fitting bra – 7 in 10 women agree this is the quickest way to a confidence boost

Triumph_Infographic_2016_Section_01Triumph, the makers of lingerie since 1886, has revealed the findings of a new pan-European study- the Triumph Female Confidence Report – into female breast and body confidence, unveiling clear insights on the cultural tensions of modern womanhood across ages and life stages.

How breast happy are European women?

Of the countries surveyed (Germany, France, Italy, UK, Denmark, Poland), women’s biggest anxieties with their breasts are with perkiness (40%), size (34%), shape (32%) and cleavage (29%) – a sign of the times that youthful looking breasts are more coveted by women, rather than a larger breasts.
Across all countries there is a consistent level of unhappiness with breasts, with 1 in 3 women in the UK and France being less satisfied overall. French, Danish, Italian and German women gain confidence with age, while Polish and British women stay consistently dissatisfied over time.

Concerned with loss of volume, perkiness and shape – whether due to weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy or the natural aging process – Triumph has developed Magic Boost™ – helping women to reclaim their shape with a little Triumph magic. A collection of three customised fitting bras that offer a solution to the natural aging of women’s busts, the range includes the ‘Lift-Up’, ‘Push-Up’ and ‘Shape-Up’, each style, features the award-winning soft touch flexible Magic Wire™, for unparalleled comfort and fit.

How do the generations compare?

Younger women (18-29) crave cleavage; older women (30-50) desire perkiness, with nearly half (45%) of women in their 40s – over a third (41%) of women in their 30s are unhappy with their décolletage.
The Triumph Female Confidence Report has discovered that 30-40s is a powerful life stage for a woman, experiencing increased self-belief, self-respect and self-acceptance but something is holding her back – her relationship with her body and breasts.

Despite women in their 30s and 40s feeling positive about family, friends, love life and career their feelings about their body remain static, with a shocking less than 1 in 2 women feeling positive about their bodies. According to the Triumph Report findings, the pressure to have it all – motherhood, career, healthy physique and success, is reflected in women’s ratings of how their body image impacts their confidence and surprisingly, has a direct negative impact on women’s careers.1

Incredibly, it’s women in their 40s who put the least amount of effort into bra shopping and clearly need these regular points of bust reconnaissance.

“We live in a youth obsessed culture, and women whose sense of self is tied up with norms of physical perfection will likely struggle with their changing body when they start aging, and changing breast structure is clearly going to be a part of that.”

Lucy Aphramor PhD RD AMSPH, founder of Well Founded, UK

Motherhood and breast confidence

While motherhood boosts overall confidence, 40% of mums are less happy with their breasts after having children and half feel they’ve lost the “perfect” shape, with 63% admitting that their breasts sagging as a result.

So it’s no wonder that the idea of things like the “mummy makeover” – once a procedure for women in their 50s – is now seeing huge growth among those in their 30s. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons found that 62% of mothers would consider a “mummy makeover”, including tummy tuck; breast augmentation and/or breast lift.

“Germans have this image as being the perfectly oiled machine, and that is applied to the image of a German too. She has to have a career, be the perfect working mom, the perfect mother to children. She has to have the perfect body, and to be a good partner. And a desirable one too. It’s all about being perfect… and it’s impossible to live up to.”

Yvonne Franck, co-founder of AnyBody Deutschland organisation promoting body diversity, Germany

The research found that although 7 in 10 say they feel more confident when they’re wearing a good fitting bra, astonishingly only 6 in 10 know their size and, only a third have been fitted in the last year. Only 10% put in a lot of effort to finding the right bra.

Women in Italy (69%) put the most effort into finding the right bra in addition to knowing their size and getting regular fittings, and, consequently reap the biggest rewards in the breast confidence stakes – proving frequent fittings can help women worldwide will be more breast and body happy.