Who is Khoca Eberhardt

D Unknown has been meeting up with some special and inspiring people over the past weeks; one of them being Khoca Eberhardt.

What’s next? “Besides more photo shoots, more runway shows, more parties and more interviews…I am not sure what the next big step for me will be. However, I am open and excited about my future in this field. Where ever this may take me”.

Take us a step back into the past. What is your motivation behind modeling? “One of the main things that motivate me is the youth. More specifically, the young people who are bullied for looking a certain way. As a child, I was called all types of horrible names, and a lot of people made fun of my dark skin. I also had very bad teeth, so I would always smile with my mouth closed. While I grew into my features, I learned to stand up for myself. All of a sudden, people were telling me that I should model, and I was being called beautiful. I am still amazed at how, without braces, my teeth grew straight and white from the chipped, black rotten teeth they used to be. There are so many children broken down because of the way they look. I must use my career to lead by example, break barriers, and show the world that we are ALL beautiful…every single human being”.

As a black man, do you feel you have to do more? Firstly, I love being a black man. I am proud to come from a line of men like Malcolm X, Mohammed Ali, and Barack Obama! In this industry, I will always stand firm and give my best. If my best is not good enough, I’m powerful in my being to understand that it is okay. Not everyone will like me, but they cannot control my destiny either”.

How do you describe yourself to others? I have so many layers that it would be hard to give a general summary of myself. I can say, however, that I have a way of communicating that I am very passionate. Without saying it in a conversation, that I like for people to know that I come from a very humble background and that I am determined to live a certain lifestyle: one of prosperity, generosity, class, comfort and love”.

What has been your biggest modeling gig so far? “I am fresh to the industry, and the opportunity for a huge gig is right around the corner. I can feel it, the people around me can feel it, and so together we work hard, stay positive and patiently wait. I am excited for this life changing opportunity that is yet to come”.

People give different meaning to the word ‘fashion’. What does fashion mean to you? “Fashion is art. The way that something looks can affect the way a person feels. Fashion is creativity and expression – it is getting your message across. I look at people on the streets and I am intrigued by how everyone has their own style. Every single situation in one’s life is a key component in the way that he dresses himself or the way that he expresses himself. Fashion is life”.

What is your favorite part about modeling? “I am a fan of myself. Does that sound okay? When I see some of the images of myself for the first time my heart drops. And I have even cried after seeing some of these images. It’s not a narcissistic or egotistical thing at all. I’ve come a lone way, of being beaten down, lied to, hurt, and humiliated…but when I see those images, I see a lovely human being. Seeing the images that make me feel that way is my favorite part about modeling so far”.

How do you set yourself apart? “I get e-mails and messages from people who want to model. And one of the core pieces of advice I always share is “find what sets you apart from everyone else”. I have never tried to be different, I just am. It’s natural and we all have that gift. We just have to find it, learn how to use it, and work it!”

What does ‘Controlled Chaos’ mean to you? “It could be anything; finding the beauty in a mess and using it to your advantage”.

Images by Ja’Dee Murphy                                                                                    

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