TUKKI Mode…The Africa of Tomorrow

We are on a quest to strengthen and diversify the fashion and arts world by emphasizing and highlighting the influences that the African cultures and mindsets have on fashion and arts. We had the opportunity to meet with Mame Cheikh Dabo, the designer behind TUKKI Mode. Tukki means ‘to voyage’. Here it represents a spiritual voyage through fashion. The style reaches out to the next generation and encourages them to defend their personal and African identities.

What exactly inspired you to become a designer? “It all started with my mother. Switching between Senegalese couture and the traditional Senegalese fashion. One day I designed my own hat using my creativity; this is when I decided to further develop my passion”. His advice to other designers is to “always remember the catalyst which made you become a designer, because it will be your weapon through difficult times”.

Do your designs all have a story to tell? “My designs reflect the ‘Africa of tomorrow’, my stitching and the combination of fabrics. They represent the thirst for change, while remaining proud and true to your origin”.

What do you desire for the future? “My dream is that the message my designs have to tell will be heard”.

How would you interpret ‘Controlled Chaos’? “For me ‘Controlled Chaos’ is an act of commitment. Taking care of everything around us, creating order from disorder that prevents us from evolving. It is the art of life itself”.